Winners ~ 4/11/12 Skullku Contest

Y’all are awesome, you really are. The Twitter Skullku (skull haiku) contest that we ran Tues-Wed this week was so much fun. We had several great entries and it was hard to pick just one! So, we picked two. First place wins a mini-skull and second place will get a bone magnet.

First place goes to @BroMan_XIII for his “Skully skully skull” haiku. Which makes me giggle snort every time I read it.

“Cranium brain safe,

mandible complete the face,

skully skully skull. “

And second place goes to @Morgana268 for her “Where are my damn teeth?” haiku.

“Stories left untold

Staring eyeless into dark

 Where are my damn teeth?”

The other contenders were:

 “I will rule the world

Captain America sucks

 Red Skull kicks his ass.”

A red #skullku ~ @Drewlippert


 “Skulls always watching

us with empty eyes they can

see all our secrets.”

~ @Drewlippert


“Cracked skull death so sweet,

Open mouth that cannot speak,

Dry bones snarling bleak.”

~ @BroMan_XIII



The Lost Skeleton wants it,


 ~ @BroMan_XIII


“Bone, breath gone, dust song

Eyes black, meatless martyr still

Open mouth, faint scream”

 ~ BroMan_XIII


“Beautiful skullies

the best painted by Cootie

buy them on Etsy.”

~ @tjandrew23


“Romero’s zombies

eat the flesh until it’s gone

skulls empty and left”

~ @tjandrew23


“We like to drink beer

But forty ounces won’t do

Can you drive us home? “

~ @40ozOfHorror

And then there were several GREAT entries that we, unfortunately, had to disqualify because they didn’t meet the 5 – 7 – 5 format.

“Smiling bone bastard

Taunting Laughing

 why are you empty.”

The Ode to Crystal Head ~ @The_Scofield_


“Empty of thought

life leaves

am I only a skull.”

~ @The_Scofield_


“Incompetent henchmen surround

Where’s my staff

Dammit He-Man.”

Skeletor’s Pissed ~ @The_Scofield_


“World spinning faster and faster

tumbling down the lane

Mystery Men?”

~ @The_Scofield_


“Dark, death, dampness

hollow heart, empty shell

sunken eyes, know of defeat”

 ~ @tjandrew23


“Squishy Mashy Brains

Infest the insides of this here

Crunchy bone cistern.”

~ @vindecaid

And then there were the two that we wrote to get the ball rolling:

“Ubiquitous skull;

Always smiling, hiding there

…just behind my face.”

~ @HexenCootie


“Holes for teeth and tongue

Everything in its place

Bone organizer”

~ @X_the_Unknown

Thanks again to everyone who participated; it was so much fun for us! We’re thinking about making it a regular monthly contest but will probably branch out to include our website & Facebook friends and will provide a little more notice before hand.  We sincerely hope that you enjoyed it as much as we have. Congratulations to the winners!


Cootie & X