Skullku Competition ~ May Day Edition

For the month of May we did a bone innuendo Skullku competition. Honestly, with all the perverts I know, I expected a LOT more participation! But it was fun none-the-less 🙂

This month’s prize goes to @The_Scofield_ for his “Cleaning lady love” haiku.

You girl, rub my bone
Keep going until it shines
Cleaning lady love

Congrats Sco, I hope you feel redeemed!

A big “THANK YOU” also to Drew & Kylan for entering great skullku that made me giggle as well.

Here are the rest of the entries:

Watch out kitty, please
Me-Ow you’re rough on my bones
In cave I Sleep Now. ~@The_Scofield_

Won’t you feel my bone?
It’s the hardest part of me,
Full of calcium. ~@Drewlippert

I’ve got the white stuff
Deep in my body baby
Won’t you love my bone? ~@Yaguari

Well done everyone! We are still debating if we want to do this monthly or just make it an occasional random thing. We’ll see. Until then, love y’all! Thanks for participating!