Skull Appreciation Day ~ Contests & a SALE!

June 4th,  y’all! Mark your calendars for Skull Appreciation Day! We’re gonna have a blow out here at …of empty men… with a couple of contests with PRIZES and a huge sale in our Etsy shoppe. If you’ve been waiting for the opportune moment to buy something skullie for yourself or a loved one, trust me, THIS WILL BE IT. Because we are giving you a whopping 25% off your order if you use the code SKULLLOVE2012 from June 1st through June 4th! Don’t miss it!  The store is here. We’ll be adding additional product between now & then too!

Contest #1 – Skull art contest! Send us a photograph! We want pictures of skulls and the rules are pretty simple: just take a picture of a skull and send it to us. It can be a skull you drew, made out of your morning toast, or your cat snuggled up to one you picked up at a department store 3 Halloweens ago. We don’t care, just take a pic and send it to us either on Twitter @HexenCootie or email OR post it on our Facebook page here! If you tweet me, use the hashtag #ILOVESKULLS.

Contest #2 – The June edition Skullku contest! Put on your thinking (skull)cap and hammer out three lines in the five – seven – five syllable format. The theme this month is “Fire in the Head”. Interpret that how you want to! Just like the pictures you can send it to us either on Twitter @HexenCootie or email OR post it on our Facebook page here! If you tweet me, use the hashtag #skullku.

The Rules – don’t rip off someone else. If your skull is original artwork, make sure you did it. Taking a picture of a mass produced resin skull that is sold all over the world is ok but taking a picture of a skull painting hanging in a gallery downtown is NOT cool. Same goes for the skullku poetry, write it yourself! By submitting either poetry, art, or a photograph you agree to allow …of empty men… to publish it on this site, in social media networking, and/or future publications without further compensation beyond the prizes awarded in this contest.

The Prizes – check this out, you’ve got 2 contests to enter for the chance at 3 prizes for each contest! That’s 6 prizes total! FIRST PLACE PRIZE: the first place winner will receive one of Cootie’s large skull wall-hangings, hand-painted & signed, of course. SECOND PLACE PRIZE: the second place winner will receive a small 3D skull, also hand-painted & signed.  THIRD PLACE PRIZE: third place will receive a 4×6 skullie sketch card, also drawn, signed & dated by Cootie.

Both of these contests start NOW!  You have until 9 pm EST on Sunday June 3rd to get your entries in AND THERE IS NO LIMIT ON THE NUMBER OF ENTRIES YOU CAN MAKE! So, get to drawing/painting/sculpting (whatever!) and photographing & get to writing!  All winner’s will be announced & published here on June 4th.