Happy Skull Appreciation Day 2012!

Brothers & Sisters, happy Skull Appreciation Day! Thank you for following along & reading my humble little homage to the ubiquitous skull.

This is our first Skull Appreciation Day here at …of empty men… so, naturally, we are very excited!

In celebration of this illustrious holiday we have a few things lined up for you guys, so with no further ado, let’s announce the winners of our contests!

Skull Art Contest!

First Place goes to a very talented leather worker from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Mr. Jack Hemming of Cornwall, England, for his leather skull. Jack says that he created this skull for a friend to hang from his bagpipes. To quote X, that is some serious Celt badassery!  Jack says that this piece was a “toss off” one time job but you can view & purchase his other works on his website http://leather-craft.co.uk/index.php. First place prize is one of Cootie’s large skull wall-hangings.

Second place goes to another Etsy craftswoman that I only just became acquainted with on Sunday! Ms. Brenda Peterson has knitted a kick ass Punisher inspired skull cap. You can purchase this cap and more in her Etsy shoppe at http://www.etsy.com/listing/97493235/punisher-inspired-skull-hat-in-charcoal . Second place prize is a small 3D skull.

And last, but most certainly not least, third place goes to a woman who happens to be a dear friend, Ms. Shawn MacFiona of Knoxville, TN, for her girl skull pencil sketch.  Shawn is a beautiful & talented woman who works primarily with clay, but can make pretty much any artsy/craftsy type project bend to her will. Third place prize is a 4×6 skullie sketch card.

“Fire in the Head” Skullku Contest!

Apparently there are only three people in the world who love the idea of skullku and this guy is one of them. He was also the only entry we got to this contest. Mark Scofield of Kodak, TN wins the June edition of our Skullku contest for his “Skull’s Fiery Smile” haiku.

Hark, twilight dawning
Setting sun lighting my way
Skull’s fiery smile.

Scofield, since you already have one of my skull wall hangings (and you may certainly have another if you’d like!), I’ll let you pick your prize.

Thank you to everyone who participated! We appreciate your support! To the winners, if you would please email us your mailing address and any preferences or requests you might have for your art prizes, I will get started on them right away & will let you know when they are mailed out! The email address is discordiariffic@gmail.com.

Everyone, please hang with us. Today I will kick off a Year of Skulls project in which I will be posting one skull every day for the next year. Also, today is the LAST DAY to take advantage of 25% off on everything in our Etsy shoppe by using the code SKULLLOVE2012 at check out! Click here to visit the shoppe!