Year of Skulls ~ #1 Empty Men

So, y’all have read me talking about starting a Year of Skulls project today. That is exactly what it sounds like. I’m going to post a skull every day for the next year. Sometimes you’re going to get plaster skulls I have painted. Sometimes you’re going to get Sharpie tattoos on X’s leg. And I am sure that sometimes you will get skulls I fashioned from my breakfast oatmeal.

This is a massive commitment.

But it’s something I want to undertake to improve my art & fuel my passion.

So here goes.

The first skull was inspired by the very same poem that inspired the name of this blog & the subsequent Etsy shoppe. The Hollow Men, by T.S. Eliot. The poem, in it’s entirety, can be found here in our first ever post on this site.

This skull was painted by me & X together. It is covered in words & phrases & sentences from The Hollow Men. This skull is Love.

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