Year of Skulls – #33 Taking a step back – my first skulls

I’ve been going through a thing. Personal life stuff, yanno? It’s been pretty all consuming and at the moment it is about to come to a head. I am finding out that, no matter how hard I push, things are going to happen in their own time. I might as well sit back & find the zen in that.  All of my pushing & worrying & stressing has left me little energy or desire for creative pursuits. As you can tell, since I have missed almost an entire month of daily skulls.

I am attempting to kick myself in the arse & move past it… or at least get moving in general.

So, here’s a step back for you. My very first skulls.

This was the very first. I was so tickled after I finished this guy. He’s still one of my favorites ever.

And then this was my second. My boyfriend at the time liked this one the best. I really love the metallic blue… thinking about acquiring some more of those type paints for a series of shiny skulls.

Anyway, I’m trying. Hang in there with me. I have a new one to post tomorrow. Promise.