Quick product promo ~ Halloween is coming!

Just a quick post to update y’all on a couple of Ebay auctions I’m running this week. You can get a great deal on a set of glow-in-the-dark skull bobby pins AND my… Continue reading

Year of Skulls – #37 Shapeshifter

When X saw this one he exclaimed “Felix is dead!”   You can buy him here on Etsy.

A Musical Interlude ~ A Skull Full of… Cookies?

Cookie monster lip syncing Cannibal Corpse’s A Skull Full of Maggots. I kinda wish Cookie Monster were actually singing it. I could probably understand him better. Ha!

Year of Skulls – #36 Green Man skull

This skull is for the first place winner of our Skull Appreciation Day contest, Jack Hemming, for his leather skull entry. Jack has declined the prize unless it is delivered in person. So,… Continue reading

Year of Skulls – #35 Punisher Skull

This is for motherfucking Scofield. Thanks for participating in the Skull Appreciation Day contests, Sco. ❤

Year of Skulls – #34 Mellowfury skull

I love the name “Mellowfury”. I wish I’d thought of it, ’cause it sounds like me like, most of the time. I’m pretty mellow. Until I’m pissed. Then, watch out. This skull is… Continue reading

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